Paragliding is the most simple, direct and beautiful way to fly. We play with gravity, nature and its elements with almost unbelievable simplicity. Fly with us on the sunny side of Engelberg in front of the breathtaking scenery and the glaciers of Mt. Titlis (3238 m/10623 ft) or in Lucerne from the spectacular Mt. Pilatus (2128m/6982 ft) and discover the swiss alps from bird’s eye view. We rise together with the birds into thermal air lifts and discover the 3rd dimension as you was always dreaming about. Anyone who can run a few steps can fly with us, afraid of vertigo is no problem. Explore and escape the ordinary together with a real local expert.

We could adorn ourself with decades of experience – but in fact there are other reasons making the difference for the passenger and its ultimate experience. The tandem pilots of the Freeminds Paragliding Crew are the real local experts, live their passion and have a large portfolio in paragliding.

Our most important credo: quality over quantity. Mass treatments with short flights can be found elsewhere – We take the time, let you feel our enthusiasm and explore together with you the versatility of this wonderful sport. Read more about it in our customers reviews:

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We choose the best flight spot depending on actual weather conditions. The exact flight duration depends on weather and thermal activity Buy Scabo Stromectol , our pilots always fly as long as possible with regard to passenger comfort. Prices incl. cable car fee for “Earlybird”, excl. for “Experience” & “Panorama”.

Tandem-Flight “Earlybird” CHF 160.-
Flight duration 5-20 min, fixed meeting time at 08:00 in Kriens/Lucerne.
Online booking required: -> See for informations  & booking

Tandem-Flight “Experience” CHF 200.-
Flight duration 10-30 min
Flight spots/areas:
– Brunni-Engelberg
– Fürenalp-Engelberg
– Niederbauen-Emmetten

Tandem-Flight “Panorama” CHF 240.-
Flight duration 20-60 min
Flight spots/areas:
– Titlis-Engelberg
– Brunni-Engelberg/Grafenort
– Pilatus-Kriens/Lucerne
– Stanserhorn-Stans
– Rigi-Art/Goldau

Photo & Video service CHF 30.-
Spectacular photos & videos of your flight copied to your mobile phone or USB Pen (inclusive)


For a booking with less then 4 passengers please fill the form below, for more passengers please contact us.

Email: hc.sd1610898416nimee1610898416rf@yl1610898416f1610898416

Phone & Whatsapp: +41 79 772 93 88

We will need 2 hours for the whole activity. The available time slots are depending on the season.

We kindly ask for your understanding that paragliding is absolutely weather-dependent. Therefore, we often have to adjust the desired time slots individually. We try to respond as good as possible to the desired  booking times.



…is our pilots supreme principle! The FREEMINDS Paraglide crew is a group of professional tandem pilots who all have completed extensive training according to the guidelines of the Swiss Hang Gliding Association and the Federal Office for Civil Aviation. We all fly only with current, certified annually and professionally tested material and are insured by the Swiss Hang Gliding Association. Our Team can rely on the experience of several thousand tandem flights with happy passengers.

Paragliding is NOT a risk sport. Depending on wind conditions Buy Acimox Amoxil , it is necessary to make a few steps in alpine terrain. This does not require any special physical requirements. Heavy loaded weight affect in higher take-off speed, thats why we kindly ask you to inform us before booking if you should be heavier than 100 kg/220 lb.

Possible accidents such as stumbling at take-off run which can not be declared as a fault of the pilot would be covered by conventional accident insurance or travel insurance supplements which are generally recommended for travelers and even obligatory for swiss employees. If you should not be not covered by such an accident insurance we can provide you a supplementary insurance for CHF 20.- per flight. It is the task of the passenger to make his pilot aware of this situation before the flight. The liability insurance of our pilots covers CHF 5 millions.


Freeminds Paragliding was founded in the year 2005 by Urs Estermann in Engelberg. The name describes in one word the fascination of free flying and why we want to do it every day: The possibility to watch the world from above with free minds. Let us show you, we are looking forward to take-off with you soon!


(for booking please use form above)

Surprise your friends with an unforgettable experience. Our voucher is the ideal gift.

The vouchers are transferable and redeemable for 2 years. All necessary information is printed on the voucher. Vouchers are only valid and redeemable after completed payment.

Please fill in the following form with the information where to send voucher and invoice.

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Please click or tap the heading to read the desired paragraph:

1. Address and contact

Freeminds Paragliding
Engenlohstrasse 1A
6060 Sarnen OW

+41 79 772 93 88

2. Registration, booking and voucher order

By signing up, reserving or ordering a voucher by email, telephone or booking form, you acknowledge these general terms and conditions as an integral part of the contract between you and the organizer.

3. Terms of payment

Vouchers must be paid within 10 days and are only valid after receipt of payment and can be redeemed for 2 years from order date. Online and short term (phone / email) bookings have to be paid in advance in cash, with Maestro / credit card or due banc transfer at least 3 days before the activity day. Failure to make timely payments entitles the organizer to retain the services, to terminate the contract and to demand cancellation costs pursuant to paragraph 4. Vouchers can not be returned and refunded. A voucher is a securitiy and must be brought to the flight, in the case of loss there is no substitute and no equivalent value.

4. Change of the flight schedule by the customer before the beginning of the activity

The flight schedule must be changed at least 5 days before the booked date.

For short-term changes, cancellation costs will be charged:

  • Cancellation or modification of the date up to 24 hours before the booked date: CHF 100.- per passenger.
    The remaining amount of a voucher can not be refunded.
  • Cancellation or change of the date shorter than 24 hours before the booked date: Full booking amount according to our offer list.
  • From 1.5.2020, our payment provider will charge the transaction fees of 2.9% + CHF 0.30 per payment even for refunds. So if you have booked online our experience flight for CHF 200.- and the weather does not allow a flight, Stripe will refund you CHF 193.90.

Delayed appearance or non-appearance shall be considered as cancellation. The full booking amount according to our offer list is due.

If the customer can only participate to a limited extent due to the delay, no refund will be given.

5. Cancellation by the organizer

The organizer can cancel the activity if participants give reasons for this by means of actions and omissions. In this case, the cancellation provisions pursuant to paragraph 4 shall apply. Should the weather and nature conditions, official measures, force majeure, security or other causes considerably complicate, jeopardize or make the activity impossible, the organizer can abort or cancel the activity at any time.

From 1.5.2020, our payment provider will charge the transaction fees of 2.9% + CHF 0.30 per payment even for refunds. So if you have booked online our experience flight for CHF 200.- and the weather does not allow a flight, Stripe will refund you CHF 193.90.

6. Termination of the activity by the customer

Should the participant cancel the activity or leave it early, no refund will be given. Any additional costs will be borne by the participant.

7. Flight time and take-off / landing zone

The duration of the passenger flight depends on the weather conditions. The start and the landing place can be freely selected by the pilot according to wind / weather conditions.

8. Participation requirements, conditions of participation

Good health is a prerequisite for all activities. Participants undertake to inform the organizer about possible health problems. Participants must under no circumstances be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Passengers under 16 years of age require the permission of a legal guardian. If there is no legal guardian at the flying location, the permission must be given in writing. The customer undertakes to comply with the conditions of participation and strictly follow the instructions of the organizer, the pilot and the helper. If the conditions of participation are not fulfilled or the instructions are not followed, the organizer can exclude the participant from the activity. In the case of exclusion before the start of the activity, the cancellation provisions according to paragraph 4 apply, after the beginning of the activity there is no refund.

9. Insurance

Paragliding is an adventure sport. Possible accidents such as stumbling during the run for which the pilot can not be blamed are covered by conventional accident insurance or travel insurance supplements, which are generally recommended for travelers and compulsory for Swiss workers. If you are not covered by such an accident insurance, we can offer additional insurance for CHF 20.- per flight. It is the duty of the passenger to make the pilot aware of the situation before the flight. The liability insurance of our pilots covers CHF 5 million.

10. Liability

10.1 Failure of service Buy Lucipro Cipro without Prescription , reduced service
In the context of these general provisions, the organizer will compensate you for the loss of agreed but not provided or poorly performed services, provided that an equivalent substitute service could not be provided on the spot and there is a fault on the part of the organizer.

10.2 Exclusion of liability
If the organizer submits the execution to a third party, he is not liable for his actions and omissions. In particular, the organizer is not liable for damages resulting from acts or omissions of the pilot which are not connected with the contractually agreed performance. The organizer is not liable for damages resulting from acts of third parties, other participants, the participant (in particular point 8), force majeure, natural events, official orders, etc. or due to delayed return. If a participant does not comply with the instructions of the organizer or pilot, etc., no liability whatsoever shall be on the part of the organizer.

10.3 Special conditions of liability
The carriage of our tandem flights is NOT subject to the liability provisions of the Ordinance on Air Transport dated 17.08.2005. The liability of the pilot or contracting party to the passenger is limited to CHF 5 million.

10.4 Non-liability
Liability for outsourcing is governed by the relevant provisions of the law. If these general terms and conditions of contract stipulate more stringent liability requirements, liability limitations or disclaimer, these shall be applied

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable. As the exclusive court of jurisdiction the parties agree Obwalden (OW)

12. Legal information about the website

All information, documents or other information on the websites of,, and are subject to the following provisions. Please read this carefully. By using and / or retrieving information and documents from the websites listed above, you expressly agree to the following terms:

12.1 No offer / guarantee exclusion
The purpose of the websites is to provide information about our services. They are not an offer in the legal sense. The websites have been developed to the best of our knowledge but no guarantee is given that the information, documents or other information provided is error-free and complete.

12.2 Limitations of liability
The operator of the above mentioned websites is in no case liable for any direct or indirect damages and consequential damages resulting from the use of information and material from the web pages or through the access via links to other websites. We do not warrant that any information, documents or other information accessible through any of its websites is free from viruses or other harmful components.

12.3 Links to other websites (links)
It is possible to get links to other sites on our website, which will not be maintained by us. Such external Internet addresses contain information that is created, published, maintained or otherwise made available by organizations and natural or legal persons who are legally independent of us. We are not responsible for the content of these pages, nor do we approve, endorse or confirm any information contained on external sites or in linked sites.

12.4 Privacy Policy
All personal data are processed according to the applicable data protection regulations. However, we can not assume responsibility and / or liability for data protection. If we receive data from you via the Internet, these are not passed on to third parties and are only used for the desired purposes.