Paragliding is the most simple, direct and beautiful way to fly. We play with gravity, nature and its elements with almost unbelievable simplicity. Fly with us on the sunny side of Engelberg in front of the breathtaking scenery and the glaciers of Mt. Titlis (3238 m/10623 ft) or in Lucerne from the spectacular Mt. Pilatus (2128m/6982 ft) and discover the swiss alps from bird’s eye view. We rise together with the birds into thermal air lifts and discover the 3rd dimension as you was always dreaming about. Anyone who can run a few steps can fly with us, afraid of vertigo is no problem. Explore and escape the ordinary together with a real local expert.

We could adorn ourself with decades of experience – but in fact there are other reasons making the difference for the passenger and its ultimate experience. The tandem pilots of the Freeminds Paragliding Crew are the real local experts, live their passion and have a large portfolio in paragliding.

Our most important credo: quality over quantity. Mass treatments with short flights can be found elsewhere – We take the time, let you feel our enthusiasm and explore together with you the versatility of this wonderful sport. Read more about it in our customers reviews: