…is our pilots supreme principle! The FREEMINDS Paraglide crew is a group of professional tandem pilots who all have completed extensive training according to the guidelines of the Swiss Hang Gliding Association and the Federal Office for Civil Aviation. We all fly only with current, certified annually and professionally tested material and are insured by the Swiss Hang Gliding Association. Our Team can rely on the experience of several thousand tandem flights with happy passengers.

Paragliding is NOT a risk sport. Depending on wind conditions, it is necessary to make a few steps in alpine terrain. This does not require any special physical requirements. Heavy loaded weight affect in higher take-off speed, thats why we kindly ask you to inform us before booking if you should be heavier than 100 kg/220 lb.

Possible accidents such as stumbling at take-off run which can not be declared as a fault of the pilot would be covered by conventional accident insurance or travel insurance supplements which are generally recommended for travelers and even obligatory for swiss employees. If you should not be not covered by such an accident insurance we can provide you a supplementary insurance for CHF 20.- per flight. It is the task of the passenger to make his pilot aware of this situation before the flight. The liability insurance of our pilots covers CHF 5 millions.